Under it all....

So a lot of my posts, well all of my posts feature on what people can see all of the time. Clothes, make up, hair, homeware. So for a change I thought I would shine a light on the world of under wear! I mean every girl loves nice under wear and I'm sure every man does too (wanting to look like David Beckham at the moment I imagine.)

There's always something about  having nice underwear on, now don't get me wrong I am a huge fan of the Bridget Jones knickers, you know the ones that sort of meet your bra and make you look like your wrapped in bandages. But the do squish everything in. HOWEVER I have never loved underwear as much as the items I buy from Boux Avenue.

Not only are the Boux Avenue stores adorable, everything down to how they wrap the products to the carrier bags are so pretty! It helps having nice carrier bags especially in Cardiff because we have to pay for them. They also do the most adorable pjs too! So whether you are looking for day to day or your winter snugglies here are some of my top picks!


Boux Avenue do the usual cotton t-shirt bras and every type of strap you could imagine. But I am going to focus on something a bit more special. They are always a great fit and my buys from here have survived longer than any other underwear!

This balconette bra is £24 and is so cute! Balconette bras are good if you are a bit bigger busted because they don't have such a full cup.

Find it here - http://tidd.ly/d8fbde63

For a more girly look opt for this pink ruffled bra. (The paleness of the model freaks me out slightly here) but it still looks lovely! And remember ruffles make your boobs look bigger! Which if you are like me, and you are not blessed with the biggest of boobs is a god send!

Find it here - http://tidd.ly/fde19797
p.s this is only £18!

This plunge bra is a bit more sexy, it isn't the kind you can wear under anything tight fitting due to the bows and lace but it is really nice! In real life the colours really pop against each other too! Plunge bras will also give you a bit of a boost!


Knickers are the hardest thing to buy I think! You want a matching set but you don't want to just buy ten of the same pairs, and there are SO many different styles it's hard to decide!
So my personal go tos are shorts! Because if you have a bit more junk in the trunk like me you kind of want to make sure everything is covered!

Now from having girly chats I know that a lot of girls prefer smaller knickers but for me these are just SO cute. They are a bit more pricey but it is worth it!

Find them here - http://tidd.ly/d46aa6c8

You can also get full lace shorts that are a lot cheaper at £8 and are great because they won't give you a VPL!

Find them here - http://tidd.ly/43a0a8e6

Another favorite style of mine is the really beautifully designed briefs that Boux Avenue sell! Now I've never really understood wearing thongs because I can't help but think it is like having a permenant wedgie but that could just be me! So instead opt for these flirty briefs.

Find them here - http://tidd.ly/f20aff92

These are all only £9 and even better they are 3 for 2!! 


People often feel comfortable in different nightwear. Personally I like shorts and a loose top or night shirts,  some people love matching thick sets others like barely anything! I think when it comes to nightwear it is purely down to what you feel comfortable. Boux Avenue have LOADS of different styles for you to choose from!

This Teddy is SO cute! Embellished around the neck and legs this is perfect and light weight for summer sleeping.
Find it here - http://tidd.ly/3fc1dfe3

One of the most comfortable things to sleep in are these night shirts, inspired by boyfriends shirts these are the epitome of comfort!
Find this one here- http://tidd.ly/221aa7b6

If you are more of a snuggler and love nothing more than winter pjs then take a look at these! I know for a fact my best friend will LOVE these!

Ditsy print bottoms. Light weight and can be mix and matched with any top fitting the season!
find them here - http://tidd.ly/7657e301
And for the ultimate snuggle! This robe is only £36 and will see you all the way through winter!
Find it here - http://tidd.ly/8483ed51

Not only do Boux Avenue run a lot of instore and online offers they also have free delivery over £50, mix and match on knickers and beautiful gift wrapping!
Also if you join their VIP club not only do you get email updates of new stock and offers but you get a stunning loyalty card that will look lovely in your purse ;)

Just remember ladies what goes on under it all is just as important!



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