Farrell by Robbie Williams

Ok so before I even begin to write about Robbie Williams' new clothing line Farrell, I feel it necessary to point out to you how much of a Robbie Williams fan I actually am. From the ago of about 10, I started learning the words to all of Robbies songs and remember repeatedly singing Supreme at the top of my voice and my dad looking a little bit confused. The by the time I was 12 I was heading to Knebworth with my mum to see him live, I was so star struck the day after that I went 24 hours without speaking (for those people who know me that really is a big deal). A few months later I was at the front of the crowd screaming Robbie's name at Soccer Aid watching him 5 feet away from me (also wearing my inner sanctum t-shirt) after then seeing him at Live 8 and Milton Keynes, having an £85 canvas of him for xmas which is currently hanging in my uni flat and owning every single album, dvd, t-shirt etc he has made I really am a die hard fan. (And not a stalker as much as it sounds like I am)

But one thing Robbie always struggled with in my eyes was finding exactly how he wanted to dress. He has made some serious errors, I'm talking baggy shirt in the freedom video with dodgy highlights or the rudebox tracksuit. But he has also made some amazing choices, the shirt and tie combo at Knebworth and nowadays everything he chooses to wear.

With Robbie finally having everything he has wanted in his life (beautiful wife, baby on the way, re united with Take That) he is obviously one very happy man. And even though I would say it as a fan I think he COMPLETELY deserves it! I know a lot of people think he is like marmite and you either love him or hate him but nobody can say that Robbie hasn't worked hard and been through a lot to get to where he is today?

SO anyway love rant over, I wanted to show case his new clothing line Farrell. (Yes he has now cemented himself as my dream man) Named after his Grandad Rob has designed what can only be described as stylish and chic menswear. Reflecting his newly evolved style into a smart and sexy man, his line reflects exactly how Robbie feels in his life now. With everything from shirts and jackets to accessories and denim, Farrell is bang on trend without being an over the top brand. With Robbie also featuring in some of the campaigns it is safe to say that the boy has done good!

Take a look at some of the look books below and you will see exactly how the brand in undoubtedly Mr Williams through and through.

Autumn/Winter 2012/2013


So as you can see with the ad campaigns and the video Robbie is well and truly submerged in his brand. It captures the sort of look that a lot of men want. (And I personally think it is way better than Pretty Green) So now not only is Robbie the greatest pop start ever, soon to be a great Dad, amazingly good looking and part of one of the biggest boy bands in the world, he is now proud owner and creator of this amazing new fashion line. 

It seems that the Robster has finally found the things that make him happy.