Grazia Street Fashion week!

Right all of you fashion lovelies out there, I have some exciting news! Lucy Smith is working on a project to hunt down the best street style in different cities over the country. 7 fashion bloggers from the chosen cities (Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London and Birmingham) have been set the task to find this amazing style in their own cities, you lovely Grazia followers will then be able to vote for your favorite city and even upload pictures of your own style to join in with the competition. 

Obviously as I live in Cardiff I am backing my stylish city all the way! On the 25th of September Lucy will be in Warehouse in St Davids searching for her favorite items, there will also be Toni and Guy make overs in store for any customers (WOW)

Pictures are going to be snapped of all of this style and will be uploaded onto alongside all of the pictures that the public choose to upload! If you're still not intrigued or as excited as I am there is one major incentive that is sure to lure you in, if you upload your picture you could win £250 to spend in Warehouse (LOVE) and for voting for your favorite city (*cough* Cardiff *cough*) five of you could win £50 to spend in Warehouse. Good right?

So how do you vote? Well from October 1st you can start to vote for the city that you think has the best style on the Grazia website.

So my fellow Cardiff fashion lovers and bloggers let's get promoting Cardiff to win the style crown! We all know we are a trendy bunch so lets spread our style!