Holy Smokes

With smokey eyes, finding the right balance of colour and darkness is difficult. I always tend to use browns to create my smokey eyes with a combination of light to dark moving out of my eye. However on a night out last week I decided to go for black eye shadows and eye liner to create my desired look. I was wearing a dark red shift dress from H&M that had a leather peter pan collar, I wanted to pick up on the black and create extra pow with my eye make up.

So to create my look I used a combination of different eye shadows and eye liners. I had treated myself to some new  make up from Feelunique because it is a hell of a lot cheaper than buying it from any high street store. I will list below what I used so you can have a go at creating your own smokey eyes.

 As an all over base I went for a natural colour from my rimmel eye shadow palette. Found here - http://tidd.ly/955cc942 go for one of the lighter shades to start with.

I then built up the colour using layers of the darker browns. I always start with browns because you can always go darker but it is a pain to take the make up off and start all over again. I then used my Lily Lolo black eye shadow and simply started from the outer corner of my eyes and worked in, make sure you apply a slightly thinner layer the further into the corner of your eye you get so you don't look like you've been punched! Find Loly and Lolo here  - http://tidd.ly/eb96f7c4

For eyeliner I used a combination of gel liner from Maybelline in intense black (found here - http://tidd.ly/574296ce) and a kohl liner by Rimmel http://tidd.ly/9b51c321 I used the gel liner on the top of my eye to create a thin black line and then used the pencil to line the inside of my eye for a more dramatic look.

To finish off the look simply curl your eye lashes and finish with coats and coats of your favorite mascara. I chose Scandal'eyes by Rimmel http://tidd.ly/3716d681

So ladies if it is a dramatic evening look you are wanting, make sure you pick the right colours and layer them up to the extreme that you want.

Have fun practicing!



  1. gorgeous eye make up! i love it..i would be happy if i could wear it too..but on me it looks often like panda eyes :D

    would you like to visit my blog too? i would be glad.

  2. Thanks :) Oh yeah the next morning it always does, or if I get drunk haha!

    Yeah would love to!



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