In fashionable Company

I have internet again (*cheers*) and I have been desperate to spread the love for this months issue of Company magazine! Now being a fashion student I am going to be slightly biased towards fashion graduates helping on this issue, however they did an AMAZING job! I have always loved Company magazine but since it's re-vamp it has become such a bible in my monthly magazine shopping. Every single piece of advice or fashion news they print is something that every fashion loving girl or guy would need and want to know!

This month the graduates working on the issue also interviewed one of my style icons and loves in fashion, Fearne Cotton. She gave the most insightful and funny interview and really stood out as being someone who completely loves fashion. I also love how it was mentioned that the graduate girls were panicking and excited to meet her.

Company are all about helping the next generation of fashion writers or reporters to take the next step in their careers. So I am writing this post to let all of you girls who want to get into the world of journalism so buy this issue! You will learn about working your way up and you will realise that it is possible to get your dream job!

Watch the behind the scenes video of Fearnes shoot too just to see how amazingly chilled out and funny she is and how excited the graduate girls are!

You'll be in GREAT company with Company.



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