Pretty Green Parents

Sorry I've been a couple of days without a post, I've been down in Cardiff with my parents moving back into my flat. I had my first full day at work and everything went well (THANK GOD) I do have an odd tendency to get really overwhelmed at any new thing that goes well in my life, so I did have a slight meltdown on my lunch when I went to meet up with my Mum and Dad. The horror on their poor faces seeing me crying soon shocked me out of it but thankfully everything is good!

But whilst we were in Cardiff one thing my Mum said to me stood out in my head. She turned around to me by the bar in a wine bar down the street from me and said "do you feel weird being out with your parents?"
Now I am a true home bunny, my parents are my best friends, I love my brother and I see every member of my family as much as I can. The thing is with my parents, I am really never embarrassed to go out with them, EVER! Not only because they're fun but because they are SO trendy!!!

My Dad had hit Pretty Green whilst he was in Cardiff (his favorite shop) and he brought the nicest polo shirt and cardigan to wear. He wore his polo shirt buttoned to the top with his cardigan over the top, dark jeans and brown shoes (from White Stuff) with his new titanium wedding ring my mum gave him for their 25th wedding anniversary he looked no wehere near 51 and more on trend than a lot of the younger guys I see in Cardiff!

My mum then walked into my living room in her brand new outfit from White Stuff. A gorgeous flowery dress nipped in at the waist and the most adorable grey wedge shoes to go with it. She wears her brown leather Michael Kors watch and minimal make up and looks LOVELY! 

I love that my parents are so stylish, they genuinely love fashion (just as I do) and just  to make them EVEN better they brought me my gorgeous Henry Holland parka that I am in love with! 

I'm now sat in my flat after seeing them drive off in my mums pride and joy (her beetle) and love that they love clothes and fashion just as much as I do!

So what do you think about how your parents dress?  Would you wear what they wear?