White Stuff - Nice stuff.

So if you read my blog you will have read my post about my parents and how I love their style. My mum is a devoted White Stuff fan and actually my Dad is pretty into his White Stuff clothing too! So today when I walked past the shop window in Cardiff and saw their new adorable window I thought straight away that it is exactly how I want to dress when I get to the age that it suits.

Although the models they use in their campaigns are young and stylish I personally think that White Stuff itself is more suited to women in their 40's - 60's. Women who want to be stylish and different to others on the high-street head towards White Stuff for their wardrobes. The new catalogue came through the front door the other day and my mum nearly had a heart attack, the new look book is stunning and perfectly White Stuff.

I want my mum to get this for work. How nice is the combination of the shirt under the dress. That is one thing that I really admire about White Stuff. The fact that no matter what you buy from there, they always show you a way in store to combine the most basic item with something gorgeous from the rest of their selection. The work wear stocked in White Stuff for this season is also stunning (I was begging my mum to buy them for her new season wardrobe) 

My mum actually brought the shoes worn by this model and they are stunning in real life!

On top of White Stuff having lovely clothes, gorgeous shops and amazing window displays, they also have a welcoming and cute website that makes shopping with them that little bit more fun. So whether you are buying for yourself, your mum, sister, Nan or friend or even if you are heading for the mens section for the males in your life. White Stuff is the place to go for this seasons cosiest and cutest fashion.

As White Stuff say "Made with love in every stitch"



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