My Flash trash....more flash than trash!

So I have recently been contacted by the lovely Hannah who is a PR from the jewellery website myflashtrash, for those of you who are into your new and stunning accessories you will probably be aware of MFT and you will definitely be aware of it if you follow Amber Artherton on twitter as she is a true fan!

But as I was saying the lovely Hannah emaied me to feature a post on the websites lovely pieces and  of course I was MORE than happy to do that for her and the brand! Myflashtrash is simply crying out the the fashion loving girls and guys of today (I say guys also because you never know) The jewelery sold is almost always featured in one of the most popular high street fashion magazines whether it be Glamour, Grazia or even Vogue, celebrities are LOVING the style of jewelery and you will also find a number of well known designers collaborating with collections for the website.

Although the jewlwery is slightly out of my price range (me being a poor student) I will soon be releasing a discount code for my blog readers only for 10% off the brands Princess street range. Once I have received the code I will post some of the collections best pieces for you to take a look at and of course use your discount to buy *nudge nudge* For now however I am going to give you a cheeky little taste of some of my favorite picks from their online boutique. As you all know I love Olivia Palermos style and she is pretty much ALWAYS wearing something from MFT so....there's reason in itself to join in with the buying right??

This tiger ring featured below is STUNNING! It is actually one of the less pricey items on the web site and is still equally as beautiful! I love the edge that MFT have on the current high street or online retailers, the stock only the most detailed and gorgeous pieces and avoid anything that runs the risk of  looking cheap or over worn. (Which I personally think there is a lot of on the high street at the moment)

The next three bracelets, although very similar, are all amazing whether worn together or individually. Olivia Palermo favors these and often teams them with her more chunky bangles and cuffs for a delicate edge. As you can see they are also loved by the editors and writers working at Grazia and are often featured as must haves. I even notice myself commenting on these bracelets when I see other people wearing them and have to remind myself that there is only a certain number of times I can ask where they are from (I can never think of another way of starting the whole "nice jewelry convo without looking like I'm just staring at people)

Also ontop of Olivia Palermo loving these I can't help but get the feeling that people such as Fearne Cotton and similar style stars have also been snapped wearing these. 

As I said before there is far too much competition between the luxury and the high street fashion world at the moment. Even the high street is divided by Primark copying Topshop and Topshop copying Chloe and the trail goes on. So if you want something REALLY lovely and REALLY worth the money, whilst still being equally as pretty and stylish then look no further than MYFLASHTRASH.COM one look and you will be in love.

I promise!



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