Platfform 2012-2013

Right guys, I have just come back from my first actual lecture of second year in uni and I am freakishly looking forward to my next big project. For the last two years my course leader has created a magazine called Platfform. It is a fashion focused magazine that allows students in the second year of Fashion Promotion and Design to come together and help to create and publish the magazine show casing some of our work.

Now as part of the first section of our brief our aim is to distribute and promote the current issue of Platfform (Platfform 12) to the right target audience. The magazine is free for everybody and is a great way of networking and introducing yourself to the new generation of Fashion lovers. 

The best thing about Platfform (apart from the obvious) is that it is written in a completely different voice to some famous and loved fashion magazines out there. Focusing on enticing the younger generation the voices behind the magazine are the students living life emerged in fashion. I will post a link to the Platfform website below so you can read the latest issue and see how amazing the work is. 

I just wanted to put some feelers out there to anybody who may run blogs/websites etc that would be interested in receiving the magazine. They can be sent over seas and all around the country and are sent out in packs of 10. They are obviously free of charge as we are using them as a way of self promotion but it would be really great for both us and you if you would pick up a few copies and start to spread the word. Once we have created our issue in a few months time, the Platfform 13 edition will be published ready to be sent out next year. 

Although I am obviously going to be biased towards anybody who was in my position this time last year, working on the current issue, it really is a great magazine. It is unlike any other magazine out there but has an under lying attitude similar to the more funky and edgy prints such as ID or Love. The original writing, photography and illustrations that are created by students of Glamorgan uni are amazing and well and truly deserve their place in what is one day set to be an iconic magazine.

Take a look at the Platfform website to familiarise yourself with what the magazine is all about. here -

And be sure to have a read of the newest edition!

If you are interested in receiving copies of the magazine contact me -
Email -
Twitter - Lucyashley13
or using any other contact details I have listed on my contact page!




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