Savannah Miller stye.

So as we all know (unless you live under a fashion free rock) the Miller sisters (Sienna and Savannah) are possibly two of the most naturally and effortlessly stylish siblings that are inspiring us all today. They have previously had amazing success with their joint clothing line Twenty8Twelve but have unfortunately given up on creating new designs for the brand as Sienna is looking after her cute little baby!

So what does this mean for Savannah? Being possibly the less famous of the duo it was always going to be hard for Savannah to keep going without the spotlight of her sisters fame shining on her. BUT oh no ladies we judged too soon, instead of crawling away and letting her light shine out, Savannah is designing her own independent range and blinding us with beauty instead!!! *Yaaay*

Being the more androgynous and in my eyes the more daring of the two sisters, it is Savannah who will whole heartedly throw herself into creating some amazing pieces. Although Sienna hasn't got her name on the brand it was said that Savannah actually worked from her sisters home when designing her line. She even told Vogue

"Ironically, we worked a lot more together on this one than we have for a while because we were living together, and when I started designing I didn't have a studio so did most of it from her roof. I really value her advice and perspective because I think her style is amazing and she has a very unique point of view'

How cute!

Now unlike the more out of reach prices from her previous venture, Savannah stated that she wanted her line to be affordable, explaining why her pieces range from £20 to £170, bargain! We all know that we want a piece of celebrity and style icon design and this is allowing us to get our hands on it!

Here is a peak at some of her lovely stuff!

Knock yourselves out! To find them visit and be in love!



  1. I love the Miller's and their style. So unique and classy

    Becky x


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