The past few days in pictures

So the last few days has been weird and good so I thought I would use the lovely art of pictures to show you why! (P.s check out my new blog design)

First off I got my first tattoo, this is my nans signature in her handwriting, it didn't actually hurt which I was quite surprised about because I am normally a baby!
I have spent a lot of time staring at pictures of my lovely friend trying to whittle down a few for my submission. It is VERY hard when she looks perfect in all of them!
Smokey eyes made another appearance on a night out! (Dress is from topshop although you can't really see it!)
I finally discovered the most beautiful magazine in the world. Oh Comely.

And I didn't get Robbie Williams tickets :(

On top of this I realised my age - I got excited of flowery tissues, I have already drank around 30 cups of tea, I offered to work instead of shopping and I've been in bed before half 10 pretty much every night. 
*what a rebel*

How have your past few days shaped up?


  1. Your tattoo is such a cute idea!



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