Where to find Caroline Flacks best looks!

Now my last Caroline Flack post went down a storm and it's been a while since I did one. And as our love for her grows, so does her style! I mean COME ON not only does she have possibly the best job in the world mingling with the celebs, alongside the nicest hair and wardrobe ever...she is also actually nice!

So as the X-Factor has recently hit our screens again (Team James Arthur all the way!) I thought it would be a perfect time to do another post on where you can get your mitts on Flack's lovely clothes!

This look from one of the first rounds of auditions shows off Carolines signature long legs! She teams her FCUK denim shorts, AlDO shoes, Whistles blouse and Topshop belt in this stunning combo! Because this was a while ago and her style is so popular, these have sold out but fear not I have some replacements waiting for you!
Check out Missguided who are renound for being one of Flacks places to shop!

Shorts - http://tidd.ly/9e32f65

Blouse - http://tidd.ly/4f3f4ec6

The WOW outfit! Everybody loved this Missguided shirt tucked into this seasons must have leather skirt!

Find this stunning shirt here - http://tidd.ly/1c54acb2

Here are a few more ideas on how to capture Caroline's look!
This shirt would look lovely with Carolines must have denim shorts!
Follow the leather skirt trend and go grunge with this studded number!

Now we all know that on top of having amazing clothes Caroline Flack also has amazing hair! After being famous for her stunning dip dye Caroline took the plunge and went full on blonde for the beginning of the X factor, and I love it! After saying bye bye to the dip dye Flack has flourished into blonde life!

For your Flack approved make up always stick to a good stroke of eyeliner and take it shadowy and smokey for night time just like Caroline! 

Never looking too over done and always looking fresh. Caroline Flack sure does have the style X Factor!



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