Winter MUST haves!!

Last night was a terrible night. It was the first night I have had to sleep with two duvets and my radiator on. Which means only one thing. Winter is rearing it's sparkly and snowy head. But do not panic my fashion friends because for us this means only one thing..... NEW CLOTHES! 

We need boots, coats, hats, scarfs, gloves, ear muffs, jumpers, blouses (layering of course), jeans, tights...the list is endless. So I thought I would give you a few pointers as to where to head for your treats! 

As you all probably know, grunge glam is a major trend this season and what better way to reflect this rend that with a touch of camo?! And of course studs. In my opinion there should be studs on everything! But this little stunner is a bargain at £53.99 from (you do also get 15% off for liking them on Facebook and free delivery on orders over £45) 

This is a personal favorite of mine, taking a slight spin on the leather sleeved jacket. Lining the jacket with sheep skin makes it so much more wintery and warm! Once again Missguided have done themselves proud. For an amazing £49.99 and free next day delivery!

There does seem to be an odd addiction to owls this season. They have been seen all over the catwalks and in stores since Burberry debuted their owl jumper. But we don't have a problem with them do we? Although coming from a girl who's friends tell me I remind them of an owl (big eyes) this trend could get old for me!
Find this at Glamorous for £32.99

You can never go wrong with an Aran knit. So at Missguided you will be in heaven with their £18.99 chunky knit jumpers! They come in deep green (as pictured) burgundy, cream, navy and multi so you have a pick of any colour you could want!

Lavish Alice also step up their game this season creating the cutest embroidered knits! This skull jumper is amazing! And it is only £20!!! Yes £20!! 

As for our lovely winter accessories such as the hundreds of scarfs I know we will all hoard over the season and the cute gloves we will pick up everytime we walk past a shop window or see someone in the street wearing a pom pom pair when we have have chunky knit. Or seeing someone in mittens and we have gloves....yes it may sound silly but we all know it's true. I cannot put my finger on one out standing place to buy your woolies. Every high street and designer store really steps it up when it comes to winter accessories. I always tend to head towards Topshop, simply because I love it and they always offer something slightly different. For your basic coloured accessories always head to H&M and for something slightly different I would aim for places such as accessorise or Henry Holland!

Have fun in winter!
Keep snug!



  1. I really love the green knitted jumper and the coat with the sheepskin inside, it's beautiful!
    This is what I love about winter, all the cosy warm clothes!!
    shan x

  2. They're gorgeous aren't they! Oh yeah I love winter clothes!


  3. That second coat is cute. Oh, how I am enjoying pulling out all my gorgeous coats!



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