Be prepared for the rain!

Hello guys! I am back! My hand in was out of the way today and we have finally created our own magazine for submission *cheers*. It has literally been the longest and most tiring three weeks of uni so far! I've also drank more coffee than Starbucks can physically produce!

I have noticed however that this dark an dreary weather brings people down. We wake up and go to work/uni when it's dark and come home when it's's all a bit depressing! The rain lately has also been incredible, I never actually thought it could rain as much as it had been!

Now I don't know about you but I am NEVER prepared for the rain! I know it will rain if I wear dolly shoes, if I wear my fur coat and if I have my Michael Kors bag, just because it would. I never have my umbrella and I can guarantee that I turn up at uni looking like a drowned rat.

So I have made a little collection of things you need to have to be prepared for this wet, wet weather.

Accessorize is one of my favorite places for cute accessories, I use to work in Accessorize and really felt the blow when  I left and didn't have my discount any more! But if the quirkier things catch your eye then Accessorize is the place for you!

This cute little umbrella is a must have!
They do loads of different prints and colours too! 

Now without sounding weird, I do LOVE pom poms. If I see anything with them on it has to be mine. I love the geeky kind of look they give to clothes and accessories. These wellies are adorable. Wellies are amazing because nobody likes soggy shoes. Little tip though, remember to take your shoes with you, you don't want to be running around the office in your suit and wellies. (Also in black and Burgundy)

Remember that if it's raining, what ever is in your bag will get a little bit wet, even if you are under your umbrella. So make sure you take care of all of your pretty I-pads and kindles by buying one of these cases. These are pretty much a cheaper copy of the new Louboutin cases too (SCORE!)

Now you might think this one is a bit strange because you obviously wouldn't wear a onesie out. BUT think about when it's dark, you're cold and wet and you just want to get home and snuggle up in your I right or am I right? Plus this is SO cute!

Earmuffs are a god send in this weather. Nothing worse than fighting with your umbrella in the wind, hair going in your eyes and make running down your face. So my trick is, whack on a pair of earmuffs and DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT take them off at any point. As long as they're comfortable and look cute your hair can be as messy as it wants to be, safely hidden under you head band. 

So ladies if you follow these little pointers you should remain in one dry piece if you get caught in this flipping rain! Worst comes to worst, stick your head under the hand dryer in the toilets and pray for the best!



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