Must Wear Fur (Faux of course)

As winter is darkly creeping in I think it's about time that I dig out my beautiful fur coat and convince everybody else to do the same. My brother brought me my first fur coat as a moving out present, it was the first fur (I will point out it's fake again) I had ever worn and fell in love straight away! So I am spreading the love! Even though different styles of coat come and go through the seasons, it is the fur coat (alongside the black leather jacket) that will ALWAYS remain as staple pieces of every girls wardrobe.

So knock yourself out with this list of my must have fur!

Asos - This is amazing for something a bit different!

Asos also have this stunning leopard print number!

If you don't feel brave enough to go all fur then try these fur lined coats from Topshop

Boohoo never fail to offer up some of the most reasonably priced coats of the season!

Don't forget that every high street store will also be selling crazy amounts of fur accessories as winter approaches so if you don't like the totally fur look you can always add a fur head band, hat, gloves or scarf for that on trend look!



  1. Surprising that you got that jacket for only £30, Robyn! I mean, it looks more expensive than what it actually costs. As to your question, I am still looking for a winter coat, but not for me, it’s for my girlfriend. I think I am going to get her something similar to yours. Hope I can find a good one!

    Joel Salmon


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