My Westfield London dream wardrobe!

So Westfield London are running a competition to win your most loved and wanted designer bag! So I was more than happy to jump on board and focus my Winter wardrobe post around the one bag love of my life, my Chloe dream. 

My Westfield wardrobe focuses on a collection of my favorite winter must haves and the items of clothing I drool over on a daily basis. Being over £1,000 Chloe handbags are slightly *cough* totally *cough* out of  my price range so being able to admire it from  far is the best I can get!

When it came to building a wardrobe around the bag I knew exactly what I would want. I know the designers I would wear and the high street beauties I would love. I have re-pinned the must have Mulberry boots to be worn with the cutest little Paul and joe dress and topped off with this seasons Burberry herringbone coat. In a different little collection I have teamed up the most adorable Louboutin gold capped shoes with an over sized nautical striped jumper and the staple burberry mac.

My looks aim to capture true and classic winter style with the main pieces being thoe little gems that you know you will never ever get rid of. Rocking the Burberry coat and the Mulberry boots whilst crying with happiness at holding your Chloe in your hands....what better to way to spend your winter days!? 


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