The Black Friday sale begins

This is a bit of an off the cuff post for me and is actually quite informative which could make a nice change to some of my rambles but I have recently been made aware of a shopping day that exists in America called "Black Friday" now if you're like me, when you hear black Friday you immediately think of the night once a year where everybody goes out and gets really drunk right? But oh no not this one!

Black Friday is actually a day of massive sales in America. All of the major websites and stores hold HUGE sales and attract some of the biggest spenders of the year. Of course perfectly timed before Christmas I was contacted by Catherine Lavinia who is running her own personal project on reflecting the statistics of Black Friday. Not surprisingly it is women who spend the most money on this day and actually spend weeks in advance talking about it on social networking sites.

This was sent to me by Catherine and shows us girls how much we love to shop! It's also quite a handy little day to occur as websites such as Amazon run the deals world wide so we can get a few nifty bargains too!
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