When she was 22....

Hey guys! I have been a very bad blogger the last week *slaps wrist* I have been SO busy with uni work and hand ins,alongside actual work at H&M that I have been crashing at 7 and getting back up at 6 to start it all again! All part of the game though hey? 

On top of this I had my 22nd Birthday on Tuesday (cue the quarter life crisis) AND I have been to London to the Company Magazine Fashion Forum, so I thought what a better way to burst some life back into A fashionable affair than to show you MY life for the last few weeks?

I've never actually done a post like this so apologies if you hate it!

Ok so before all of the fun began my week taken over by possibly my favorite uni project I have done. Our brief was to promote our uni magazine Platfform in a unique way and present to our lecturer and Ric Bower who is the creator of Blown magazine. This meant I had a pile of Platfform magazines constantly under my arm and actually had dreams about it...sad I know. But in the end all went well so PHEWF! 
Our new brief is to create our own sample version of Platfform so check out the website because it is REALLY interesting and shows some really great work!

Alongside this we did a Bauhaus inspired photo shoot. This was amazing, we got to work with a stunning model Nia and were lucky enough to be shooting in our local Urban Outfitters store! They let us style our models using their stock and use all areas of the store to create our shoot! 
(I haven't submitted the project yet so I can't give it all away but this is a naughty teaser!)

Then it came around...me turning 22 (WAAAH) It is official that I am now an adult. Well in age anyway! Although I did have uni all day and I did have a slightly emotional moment my birthday ended up being really good! I had some lovely little pressies. The hoard of clothes off my dad that he dreads me asking for, a stunning V&A diary, flowers, body butter, a candle and cupcakes off my best friend and Henry Holland nail varnish and a new travel mug off my friends...just to name a few! I'm sure I will review most of it over the next few weeks!

I also had a little parcel off my Mum and Dad today which had the cutest card!

Anyway when my brief and shockingly grown up birthday was over. (I guess once you've experienced your 21st there is never going to be another celebration like it.....because you may die if it was anything like mine) I then went to London!

Company Magazine were holding their very first fashion forum. This was a chance for people who wanted to break into the industry to meet the people who have done it and know how to make it happen. There were people from all areas of the industry including Victoria White (Company Editor) Visual Merchandisers, PR, Bloggers, stylists...and the Company team; who all have VERY nice hair.

They gave some really helpful advice on producing CV's and gaining experience, how to approach companies for jobs and were really nice and open to talk to. They even stuck around for a chat and a glass of bubbly after. I can't help but leave these presentations with an over whelming sense of jealously and an even more over whelming need to do well. I immediately started thinking of blog posts and things to write to promote myself in journalism. 

I think the main piece of advice I can reflect from yesterday was "Work hard and don't give up" If you want to get into fashion we all know it is going to be hard and feel pretty much impossible at some points but to sit in front of such inspirational women yesterday really drove me to want to try even harder!

The photos are done on my I-phone so sorry about the quality but how amazing are the outfits?! It's always so much easier to take advice from such stylish people!

Not only did I leave with some really great advice but a really great goody bag too. Always a plus!

I would say to anybody that wants to get into fashion to go to as many of these forums as possible because they will help direct you to where you want to be!



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