New Year

Now I know that everybody makes new years resolutions (and very rarely sticks to them) but this year I think times will change. For me this year has been my first really different year, I've obviously had major changes in my life over the last 3 years but since I moved to Cardiff I think it's safe to say things are falling into place!

If I could ever tell people one thing it would be that you have to try things to know if you like them or not. Put it this way, the 19 year old me who toddled off to Manchester thinking I was going to love it and fall straight into a high flying fashion job was SO wrong. As a whole I love Manchester and feel like I could live there easily now, but three years ago it was a different story. I cried literally every minute of everyday and only realised how bad I was when I heard someone saying"Lucy? Is that the blonde one that cries all the time?" Now you don't want to be that girl do you?

On the plus side I did make some good friends in Manc who I am still in touch with now but Cardiff has been my place. My first year in Cardiff I re lived my fresher days and went out pretty much every night, my year was made up of embarrassing drunken stories and being poor.

This year...well I'm still poor...but I decided to throw myself full whammy into uni. I now LOVE my course and have made some really great friends. The only down side to this year is due to my job I am currently sat in my flat on my own (as I have been for the last week) counting down the days until I can go home for Christmas, I'm then back again before New Year but I guess that's what you get when you grow up hey?

So I have decided to compile my own "To Do" list for next year!

1. I am growing my hair! Preferably like this but not as big.

Although I'm sure I'll be sat here this time next year with my pixie cut still going strong!

2. I will aim to get some decent work experience in and stop being too scared to go and live somewhere else!

3. I will NOT end up in A&E

4. I will not be depressed at the fact that I'm turning 23.

5. I will try and spend my money on things other than clothes. (I realise I own nothing of any value and my only items to show for working hang in my wardrobe)

6. Get a bf? (That could be pushing my luck, slim pickings) Or just have a whirlwind romance Chuck and Blair style?

7. Find something to fill the void Gossip Girl has left in my life.

But the point I am trying to make with this post is that it doesn't really matter what you want to do for new year, don't force yourself to stick to your resolutions. You can make them silly like mine or serious if you like just have fun trying to stick to them!


P.S typing "xoxo" just made me ever more sad about Gossip Girl ending.


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