Stocking fillers

Taking into account the financial state of most people this time of year (or me all year) I thought I would give you lovely readers some ideas for some cute little stocking fillers. If you are struggling to top off the pile or if you get stuck doing a secret santa and don't know what to buy, take a look at these!

I love Fedoras and I am SO dissapointed that my hair is so short that I look like Charlie Chaplin when I wear one. This one is such a nice colour from Missguided - Find it here
This is the cutest little mug ever!! for £10 from Topshop!

French connection have started doing all sorts of lovely home ware and beauty products. This colour palette has all of the colours you could think of!

This clutch from Lavish Alice is stunning. I love anything with studs!

Urban Outfitters have out done themselves once again by selling this cute little floral hairdryer. I would LOVE this!

Wah nails have taken over the world of nail art recently. This book shows you step by step how to create all of their amazing designs.

Good luck in finding the perfect presents!!



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