This is a mans world

I know that us women hate to admit it but I am currently sat here having quite an odd Saturday. Unable to do my uni work due to my lack of a mac, I am sat watching "Snog,marry,avoid' on the TV with my pick of the best menswear shows at Fashion Week playing on my laptop. Based on this, we have to face it ladies men have some pretty amazing clothes on the go at the moment. Although the JW Anderson show cause some serious uproar in the fashion world and in general (it was quite amusing to see people who have never heard of him instagramming pictures of the newspapers) menswear is taking the world by storm.

You may disagree but aren't I right in thinking that we all love a bit of androgyny? I personally feel much much more comfortable in my boyfriend jeans and patent brogues than I would do in a flippy skirt and pretty top? I mean don't get me wrong I have my girly days where I'm dressed in my pretty Henry Holland dress and heeled boots but there is just something I love about the androgynous look. A lot of women say they choose to follow this trend because it feels like you are dressing for yourself and not men in the street who's eye you want to catch, or the woman you sit next to in work who thinks you should turn up in a suit. I kind of agree. It's a whole new sense of freedom and it does come from us being inspired by stylish men.

I love seeing a man walking down the street dressed well. It is genuinely something that makes me smile. Whether it is a well made suit or just a combination of items that the average man would never put together, it's a lovely sight to see.

The days of guys simply rolling out of bed and throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt are slowly dying and I for one am please. To see men that take such pride in their appearance and actually care about what they wear is so refreshing. Because we all have to remember that it isn't just us girls who love fashion. It's our lovely guys too!

The Matthew Miller show at Fashion Week was one of my favorites! Now I will admit I wasn't very familiar with his designs but #OMG I loved it! His use of the "Born to fail" slogan team with a mixture of stunning knits and perfectly crafted suits had me in awe.

This year the guys have got it good in Fashion. We salute you.



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