Copenhagen Fashion Week

Sorry I've been a little quiet on the blogging front lately. But I have been rushed off my feet! I was lucky enough to go to Copenhagen last week as it was Fashion Week over there. I will be honest I had never heard of Copenhagen FW until my lecturer mentioned it to us as a possible trip.

So we all decided to turn the trip into a little girls holiday and pack up for Copenhagen.

We arrived on the Friday when FW had been running since the Wednesday, there was not as much buzz about Fashion Week over there as there is here but there was still an obvious love for fashion and all things fashion the the dainty little city.

What I really loved about Copenhagen is how simply stylish the city is, it was full of quaint and pretty little cafes and shops as well as having the high street stores that we have in this country too. 

Unfortunately we did not manage to blag our way into fashion week as they security guards on the door don't look like people you would approach. But we did get into the Fashion Week after party sponsored by Armani which was AMAZING! The Scandinavian aesthetic that is so well known in the country was amazing at the party, white walls and veils with glass and a white lit up bar. We felt a little bit like celebs when we walked in!

We also took a boat tour around the city which was lovely. The Danish people are so nice and they are genuinely friendly. It was a place I will definitely be visiting again!



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