Once again I am going to blog about House of Holland, this time because I think his London Fashion week show was one of the best yet! I was lucky enough to spend the day in the House of Holland office yesterday and see how Henry and his team work. It was so inspiring to see a designer working alongside his team at the same desk, chatting about the after show party and laughing at and loving the reviews and quotes they have heard since the show is over. I know that HOH is not to everybody's taste but for me Henry Holland just gets better and better.

There is nothing better than a designer who creates a collection from a crazy memory or simple idea that stems from something personal. This collection named "Rave Nana" was inspired by Henry's memories of his Nan and is therefore a collection of CRAZY 70's and 80's prints combined with the ever so Henry quirkiness.

I did have one major show stopping favorite in the collection (as always) and it is now added to my list of "OH MY GOD I WANT IT!"

THIS...THIS IS AMAZING! It is even more incredible in the flesh but this cocktail glass printed suit is my new A* clothing item. It is the most adorable print and gorgeous colour!

And the blinged out finale

All I can say is alongside the pom pom collection HOH never fails to make me fall in love. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better!

Rave on Henry!



  1. I love Henry! ..and a blinged out finale is the best kind of finale! xx



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