Rihanna for River Island

I must admit when I watched her LFW show I was far from impressed with Rihannas collection for River Island. I thought it was a little bit too "Rude Boy" for the high street BUT I will admit that now it has been released and I can view it through the eyes of the normal consumer, I actually quite like it.

Looking at the images of Rihanna wearing her designs, I did start to worry that maybe the looks would be purely for the more hipster people out there who can pull off the baggy jean and high top combo. However even Rihanna herself toned down her look when she was promoting her line in London. I applaud you Ri Ri!

Although it is not my personal style I can imagine walking past people on the street and thinking "Ooh I love that outfit" So below are some of my best picks from her swanky new collection for you to "Shine bright like a diamond" in (bad joke).

I love these, strike what I said before I would wear these!

This has Rihanna written all over it! I can imagine Rihanna's style followers strutting their stuff in this navy jumpsuit!

For £20 this neon top is stunning. Although I wouldn't wear it I love the style and the shapes.

It is this kind of simplistic design that really impresses me with Rihannas designs. Although I don't look at this and imagine Rihanna, so it does make me question how much she really did have to do with the overall collection. Plus it is only £40!!


So ladies get yourself down to River Island and make the most of being able to own one of the most admired women in the worlds' designs. It't the most reasonably priced version of Rihannas' clothing you will ever get unless she whaps off her jumpsuit on stage (which I'm sure she won't) 


P.S For inspiration on how to wear the looks and for a behind the scenes look at how the design process happened, visit the River Island website and have a look through the magazine!


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