Pretty Prints

Every season there is a new trend, whether it's one that has been around for years and is making a come back or if it is men in skirts (that will never catch on Saunders..sorry) This season though our good favourite the print is back.

I'm not going to focus on prints over everything, most people wear printed shirts and tops all through the year, it is the printed trousers that are taking over this season.

Working in H&M I am fully aware of how many different types of print there can be, with the new conscious collection the amount of floral prints that have erupted couldn't be counted on ten hands let alone one but I must admit, jungle prints aside I am a fan of the print.

One of my good friends rocks the printed trousers and actually inspired me to buy my own pair.
So here are a few picks of some of the best printed bottoms I have found on the high street.

These are actually my personal pair of prints. It is literally the first time I have ever worn printed trousers (because I thought they would be un flattering) but I actually love them. £14.99 from H&M you can't really go wrong!

These beautiful bottoms are going to be my next purchase too. H&M are the place to go to for the thousand different printed bottoms for AMAZING low prices. These too are only £14.99!

Although I am not a fan of the new collection in H&M as I feel it looks a little bit like the jungle book exploded, I do really love these trousers. They look perfect for holidays or even when our seasons decide to make up their mind and realise it is time to get sunny!

If the skinny fit trouser is not up your street then H&M also stock printed trousers that are slim fit. These are stunning! 

So ladies all I can say is if you ever feel like you can't rock the prints, just try and I think you will be pleasantly impressed.



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