Cara Delevingne

Well this week has proven to be a bit of a bump in the road for our favourite model hasn't it? With the 'White powder' incident causing a stir, our punk princess Cara has flung herself back into celebrity life by tweeting pictures of herself snogging Sienna and getting tattoos.

So what is it exactly that makes us love Cara so much?

The fact that someone can pull off eyebrows THAT big?
The fact she managed to bag Harry Styles?
Or the fact that she is just actually really cool.

Cheesy I know but oh my god I would love to be Cara!!

I am currently sat here swamped in Gossip and fashion magazines as I accidentally picked up every single new magazine with her on the front (oopsie) So with the new drug scandal, could this make any difference with Cara's career? With the Kate Moss snorting and the endless amount of times Naomi Campbell has thrown a mobile or hit a cleaner, could this be the moment we see our Burberry Princess turn to the dark side?

What I don't get is why people are actually surprised. I mean Cara is a small size 6 at the biggest and although she tweets pictures of herself licking Big Macs (never actually taking a bite) there has to be something keeping her so skinny. This could be the next case of someone who rocketed to fame too quickly and has fallen at the last hurdle.

Either way, Cara has given us some of the best runway looks and the funniest tweets in the last 6 months and I'm pretty sure is responsible for the rise of the onesie?



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