Funky Punk

This years Met Gala saw a whole new take on themes and dresses. With the chosen theme being "Punk" it was decided that the museum would be transformed into all think rock and roll to show how the creation and development of Punk has influenced fashion. I mean we all know that Debbie Harry and her punk friends had an influence but I thought it was AMAZING to see how some of the worlds most stylish celebrities took the idea when it came to their dresses.

There was one person who stood out miles for me (but i'll keep that until last) There was also one designer/store that stood out a mile with their designs. So instead of showing you all the pictures that you have probably already seen I am going to focus on three of the most amazing, hand made dresses of the night.

Topshop being the love of my life anyway, just sent me over the edge by creating these AMAZING hand crafted gowns for the Met Gala. Nicole Richie, Ashley Madekwe, Jourdan Dunn, Jaime King and Julianne Hough all wore personally made gowns and not one single one let the brand down.

They were STUNNING! Of course having some of the worlds most beautiful people wearing them helps in making them look even better, but they are some of my favourite dresses I have ever seen at any red carpet event.

Revenge star Ashley looked stunning in her Topshop gown, how amazing are they. With obvious time taken and amazing craftsmanship to make the dresses they look beautiful. This is made even better by the bottom trim. Simple and classic.

But there was one person who stole the show completely for me. Being brave enough to take the punk theme to the next level. 
Nicole Richie arrived in her Topshop gown teamed with her hair dyed grey! Now I had seen on her twitter the morning of the event that she was dying her hair but she gave no clues as to what colour or why. 

Although she is tiny and has received a lot of bad press about being so slim, the combination of her bright grey hair and stunning off white gown was perfectly punk.

At least Nicole doesn't need to worry about turning grey. She can certainly pull it off!

Well done ladies, punk served you well.



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