Platfform 13

So it is finally the time to show everybody the new Platfform magazine. As part of our uni course, 8 of us girls were chosen to work creating the new edition of the unis fashion magazine. This year we wanted the magazine to focus on everything fun (and at some points close to the line) making people in industry level par with the people studying fashion.

After four months of extreme stress and eating more than 8 fashion girls should humanly be able to eat, yesterday was the day that we finally got to see our work come together.

I was lucky enough to have the role of Deputy Editor and pretty much loved every second of it (apart from the insane weight gain)

We were also proud to announce that this year we created the magazine on glossy paper which was a huge step up from previous years where the magazine was printed on newspaper. Seeing our little glossy baby coming out of the boxes yesterday made every moment of stress and panic worth it.

This cheesy face shows how excited I was.

With interviews with Ben Dickens (Design Director of Farrell), Kimberely Nixon, Jonathan Simkhai, Black Score and many more as well as amazing photo shoots and show cases of our unis graduate work, we love what we have created. 

Eeeeee! This page makes every dream I have had since I was about 11 come true. Fingers crossed this can be the start of something big for the Platfform team.

Every piece of work that was selected and commissioned in Platfform has come from the most talented and amazing students and young fashionistas in Cardiff and University of South Wales. From the first page to the last we made our magazine with a hell of a lot of laughs, food and occasionally tears.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed working on it :)


visit to have a look!


  1. Wow how exciting, can't wait to read it...


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