Abs like Slabs? Or wine and kebabs?

So summer is (sort of) upon us, by that I mean we have had four whole days of sunshine and for once I have a natural tan! Everybody loves the hot weather but as soon as  summer begins the complete panic of holidays, bikinis and beating the bulge over whelm us all.

Now don't get me wrong, the thought of wearing a bikini makes me feel a little queasy and yes I did cry in Topshop changing room the other day about being a 12 in shorts (I could challenge Beyonce with my booty) but there is one thing I hate more than this stress. It's the people who plaster their diets and fitness all over social media and magazines. From everyday people to celebrities, it is impossible to feel nice and normal during this time of year.

Yes people say "Guys dont like stick thin girls" and "I would rather have curves" but really? Why do so many people worry so much if being healthy is the best way to go? 

The most recent focus has been Towie star Lucy. She was one of the stars of the show with a killer bod to begin with, so what are we suppose to think when she revels her new size 6-8 figure after admittedly torturing herself with exercise and diets? Yes it was probably a post break up boost when she found her hunk of an italian stallion boyfriend had spent the last 2 years cheating on her but it's not healthy. 

And for the people who are self conscious to begin with, it is impossible to feel good about yourself.

Don't get me wrong if I wouldn't complain if I looked like this but let's try not to plaster every page of magazines and websites with people bragging about it?



  1. Couldn't agree more! great post lovely :)
    stumbled upon your blog on twitter, so glad I did, love it! new follower :D x


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