Denim obsession

Denim has taken over the fashion world at the moment. With the huge trend of dungarees that have hit the high street this summer it's hard not to be the owner of at least one denim piece. BUT if you were to take a step into my over flowing wardrobe you will see a flurry of denim dresses. Pinafores, shift dresses, swing dresses, with collars and without, printed and plain. I am well and truly OBSESSED with them.

It's one of those things where you find "The dress" the one that you wish you could wear everyday if it wasn't gross and against all girls style rules. So when I went into Topshop in Cardiff at the weekend I tried to drive myself away from the new seasons denim...I got an outfit (which did actually include a denim skirt) but of course 12 hours later it was back in the shop and was swapped with a collared denim dress. This one was polka of the only styles I don't have.

So I thought I would take a look at some of the most stylish celebs rocking their denim....just incase I decide to buy anymore!

Alexa Chung 

Henry Hollands very own wing woman Aggy Deyn

Anne Hathaway

So with denim still standing it's ground in the world of fashion, is it time to throw out the jeans and try donning a pair of dungarees or a pinafore dress? I for one am team pinafore all the way!



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