Urban Outfitters must haves!

Now normally as much as I love Urban Outfitters I never really buy anything from there. Probably because I don't actually live near one and feel that I am far from cool enough to wear anything from there. BUT this season I could have cried with happiness when I walked into UO in Belfast. With an obsession for pinafores and anything with cute collars I was in heaven! UO have really stepped up their game this season stocking the shelves with combinations of 60's inspired dresses and pinafores and peter pan collared tops. Alongside being able to purchase biker leather jackets to team with the girly dresses it is the perfect combination. On top of all of that the fact that the dresses are all swing or shift they are the most flattering fit! Perfect. Teamed with chelsea boots or brogues and a killer satchel this season is set to be a cute one with Urban Outfitters! xoxo


  1. I think these outfits are nearly to the recent going fashion trend, great post in outfits i really like her Leather Jackets i think all these outfits are best for women's outfits for sale


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