Cats on the catwalk

Ok so when the 'FROW' of Fashion week are laughing or smiling when the models walk down the catwalk, you can't help but feel a little bit on edge...are they laughing at an inside joke like Harry and Sienna or are they laughing at the designs that a nervous creator has worked months on for this moment?

Well today (in fact about ten minutes ago) I sat down in front of  my laptop, not actually at Fashion week to watch the Fashion East show. The catwalk was filled with some of the prettiest models I have seen this week, with their faces painted like cats and dogs. With the opening looks show casing stunning white and cream designs with appliqué florals and cute jackets the show was possibly the most adorable show of the week.

The later designs in the show were highlighted with lace covered converse and bright pink combinations making outfits that Katy Perry would be proud of!

This show was the icing on the cake to the final day of Fashion week, a combination of stunning neutrals and princess pinks!



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