You can't sit with us

So 4 days into fashion week and my god have there been some beautiful looks going down the catwalks! Although the one I have been waiting for is another 2 hours away (Burberry) I am finding myself glued to my laptop keeping track of what is going on. Being (what feels like) one of the only people I know not working fashion week, I quite enjoy watching the crowds of fashionistas flood in and take their seats. Also after reading Alexa Chung's advice on "Always have your legs crossed if you're sat front row" I can feel myself checking to see if everybody follows the same rule.

After the most powerful front row sitting side by side at the Topshop unique show, an overwhelming feeling of making sure nobody looked Phillip Green or Kate Moss in the eye was clear. That was until the picture that has flooded the tabloids today of Miss Moss howling laughing were released and reminded us that she is indeed a human. Or at least part human part fashion-bot.

Here goes for some of my favourite looks and collections so far-

Preen - Thornton Bregazzi
With feminine prints and silhouettes, alongside collared dresses and pretty pastel colours, Preen show cased some beautiful garments reflected the elegance and grace of the models sent down the catwalk.

J. JS Lee - This was the first show I tuned into during LFW and I was so happy! Of course I could be the girliest dressed girl majority of the time, so pastel colours and collared dresses will win me over. However this collection managed to retain a slightly edgy side with the addition of black patent leather and chunky footwear.

Temperley London
When it comes to breath taking dresses, Temperely are never one to let down lovers of style and sparkle. This collection saw a combination of busy prints contrasted with block colour and strong shapes. 

Of course alongside all of these amazing collections we saw Vivienne Westwood rock fashion week in her ever so Westwood way by sending face and body painted models down the catwalk after Lily Cole opened the show with an interpretive dance (Only VW could pull that off) We also saw a dog waddle it's way down the Mulberry Catwalk show casing the ever so stylish collection of pup parkas that the label creates. Today Christopher Kane has ruled my day so far. The countdown is on to Burberry and I can only assume that Cara the queen of LFW will be opening the show!

Fingers crossed.

Fashion week we love you!


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