Loved by Mollie

So our favourite (well one of our favourite 5) Saturday has joined the cast of famous faces making their way in the fashion world by collaborating with high street lovelies Oasis. Mollie King has created her own collection of garments for Oasis aptly named 'Loved by Mollie' Now from a woman who once was the other half of the ever so hunky David Gandy I believe that we should take Mollies advice and dress ourselves head to to in things she loves...hopefully to make David Gandy love us...and to look nice of course!

This image could win me over no matter what the topic because how cute is Mollie's modelling co-star, her little puppy Alfie.

In her interview Mollie states that over sized coats and camel are two of her must haves when creating her self described 'preppy' look. 

Lets have a peak through the look book from the collection!

This is one of my favourite looks from the collection, this jumper is amazing!

The coat <3
Oh the coats!

So QUICKLY get online at and get shopping or hurry on down to your nearest store and keep those fingers crossed that your favourite look is there for you to own yourself.

Unfortunately Alfie does not come with every purchase.
Can't win them all hey!



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