Have a DIY Christmas

As Christmas approaches, life as a student hits panic mode (as in  OH MY GOD I HAVE NO MONEY) and the weeks seem to fly by as your time passes with 'how many weeks do I have left until my dissertation  is due in' It is a tad tricky to think of effective christmas treats.

In our girly student house we have decided to make each other home made advent calendars. I will warn you now, if you decide to do this it may sound like a better idea that it works out to be. With a £20 budget and 25 days to fill some serious research needed to go into finding a way of making presents for each day that are....well rubbish.

So of course I hit Pinterest. 

If you don't have the funds to be able to add a gift for everyday, follow this example and fill your advent calendar with little notes or recipes. 

For the crafty types, get out your sewing machine and rustle up some cute little santa hats or stockings as holders for your treats.

For a cute vintage looking calendar, use the good old brown paper and wrap up the gifts using paper and string.

Also remember that not all advent calendars needs to be hung on the wall. Try this technique for a present a day!

So there you have it, a cute and relatively cheap way to make people the prettiest of presents for Christmas. 

Get onto Pinterest and check it out!



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