The least fashionable Christmas yet....

As much as this will strike fear into the hearts of many people, Christmas is coming. It's official I just watched the coca cola Christmas advert and Ant and Dec are chasing round a gingerbread man for Morissons (Yes true signs of Crimbo) So as the festive season approaches, what is it that everyone is thinking about?

Not ordering a turkey that weighs more than a large dog, not writing lists of presents to buy your great great aunty who you think you're related to via marriage, not even what you are going to buy your pets (we all do it)

But what we are thinking about is the ultimate Christmas jumper.

So prepare yourselves as I have found some of the best cheesy jumpers around.

(Sorry Jess I had to) Boohoo sells this...different jumper for £18


John Lewis

River Island

There you go, I question if high street stores can get any cheesier and it is BRILLIANT. So get your friends together or collect all the cheesy jumpers you can find, crack open the mulled wine and start pulling those crackers!



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