The wake up call

So the time has come....mine (and many of my friends) lives as students has come to an emotional end. We have had tears, meltdowns, drunken nights, injuries, arguments, good grades, bad grades, great days and some awful days. But altogether the past three years have formed the best part of all of our lives.

But I am sat here now thinking about when I started this blog, I was down in the dumps, sat in my stinky halls in Manchester crying because I wanted to go home....that was FOUR years ago. FOUR. Since then I have literally had the best and worst days of my life and I have now well and truly hit the wall of growing up, full blast, full pelt, flat in the face.

I finished uni expecting to become a hot shot fashion star, living the high life in London with job offers coming left right and centre. Instead...I had my dream internship offer...I can't afford to live in London.

London off the list.

I applied to work in Manchester (live at home, commute earn some money)
I didn't get an internship.

Manchester off the list.

So instead I worked my arse off with my Final Major Project, I spent a few weeks going out, having fun and saying goodbye to one of my best friends (she's travelling and currently making me extremely jealous) And now....well now I am sat in my pyjamas at 7 on a Saturday night dreading the fact that I have to go to work tomorrow to pay for a flat that I do not currently have, to live in for a year in Cardiff to save money.

But when I actually think about it, when you break down the amount of years of your life you spend in education, being taught things from books and from people who you assume are much cleverer than you, working....just working doesn't seem half as bad.

No work deadlines to worry about, no projects to hand in, no new briefings or scabby student houses (hopefully) sure there may be people who you don't get on with at work, it may be stressful and you may be working more hours in a week that you realised were in a week BUT you can just work.

Granted a forty hour week in retail is not going to be my 12 month plan...but for now, just until all of us graduates get our head in the game, the game of growing up; of no student loans, no discounts and no parent hand outs....we can just work. We can work to play or work to save but it is indeed time to work.

So here goes graduates, these are the graphs that perfectly depict how we are all feeling right now. 

Good Luck!