Golden Everything

Ok ladies and probably majority of gents. Brace yourselves because my oh my do I have a treat for us all. I feel it would be wrong not to write a post about this because I know both men and woman across the world oggle over David Beckham. Yes it may be in a different mixture of ways but hey....the guy is incredible.

What is also lovely about Mr Golden Balls is that he is still loyal to creating his lines for H&M. It is all too familiar nowadays to see a celebrity do one line for a store, get kind of bored and move on but Beckham has stuck at it and once again has come through adding a collection of essentials to his collection. We can now see him promoting crisp white shirts, tailored trousers and simple polos. 

I mean I don't have a boyfriend or a male in my life that I would buy Beckhams tighty whities for but I can quite happily stand in front of the posters in the store windows and youtube the advert can't I?

Well have a look and you tell me.

No need to thank me.



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