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As cliche as this is I feel like it's only right to create a New Years post. So what is it that 2015 can bring that makes it any different from any other year? Well...we don't know do we? But I can safely say that I am kind of glad to see the back of 2014. Don't get me wrong it was a good year, I graduated, I moved into a lovely flat with my best friend (eventually) for the first time in a long time my family were mostly healthy however it did also bring the shock of graduating and the stresses of full time adult life that I don't think any graduate no matter how old or young is ever quite ready for.

Me and my house mate are very similar, thankfully thats why we get on so well. We both have the same bad habit for moaning about everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Granted I am the queen of cynicism and she is a lot more laid back than me but we are pretty much the epitome of Minnie Moaners!

So 2015...what can we stop or start doing to make this year a breeze? 

1. Get off social media - Hypocritical I know as I'm writing this on a blog and sharing it on every social media site possible, but thats what they're for isn't it? What they're not for is for couples who had a fight on Christmas Eve to globally air their relationship issues, or for girls to post pictures of how skinny they got in 3 weeks. I'm guilty for posting pointless status' and tweeting about things that nobody really cares about. But if we al just stepped away and actually used social media to be sociable and friendly maybe life would seem a little more personal.

2. Actually do things - "Lets book a holiday" "Lets go to France" "Lets go skiing" All of the things we want to do suddenly begin to out way the list of things we have actually done. I have friends who are travelling the world and I also know people who are yet to move out of home but what difference does it make what people are doing when there are STILL things we have left un done? 2015 is going to be a year of "Remember that amazing holiday we had?" and "I'm so glad I did that" Just get up and do.

3. Don't worry about being single. Flip back to my first point, 99% of the time relationships seem like a lot of hard work. And in all honesty I revel in being on my own. Yes I love being able to put my fleecy pjs on at 6'o clock and watch Emmerdale if I want to. I also love being able to dress up, get drunk and go out with my friends at the drop of a hat if I want to. What I don't love is the flurry of questions I get when people find out I'm 24 and single "But how,why? Don't you worry? Don't you want to get married?" Yes...yes I do want to get married because I'm a girl and most girls do but no I don't want to not have my dream job or my life sorted out on my own first. There is nothing worse than a grown woman who can't survive on her own.

4. Work - Retail is rubbish. Hospitality is rubbish. Working in an office is rubbish. Working from home is rubbish. I hate my job. The comments pretty much every single person who is not a millionaire makes. It is very rare to find someone who loves their job because lets face it if we could all win the lottery and live in a mansion in Hawaii we would but the fact is...we have to work to buy things. We have to work to survive. So slap a smile on and think of the pay slip.

5. Don't follow the trends - There is nothing worse than seeing a group of women walking around in a gaggle all dressed the same because "On Wednesdays we wear pink" We all want to revolt against size 0 and conforming to a certain look, yet if someone doesn't like our shoes we will throw them in our wardrobe and never wear them again. I got called a lesbian a few weeks ago because I have short hair, it is that kind of stereotypical comment that makes me think..screw you. Don't get me wrong that one person played on my mind and made me completely ignore the three "I love your hair" compliments I had received earlier that day. But if nobody likes your hair or how you dress at least there isn't going to be anybody else out there that looks like you!

6. Don't wish away the year - Finally, if the year doesn't start off exactly how you planned don't wish it away. We all 'wish it was hot' now and we would all enjoy getting up for work in daylight but we don't realise that we are actually wishing away 6 weeks of our year. Wrap that scarf round you, stick that hood up and stick out the next few weeks ready for bright mornings and beer gardens!

Happy New Year!



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