20 signs you are actually growing up

The Peter Pan phase is over, uni has finished and you're working in a job you feel you could do without? You feel like you're full on failing at grown up life but oh no, just wait, you are killing it!
1. You now know that if you don't get 8 hours sleep a night you'll be hell the next day.

2. 'Just one drink' is actually just one otherwise you start to feel tipsy (and sleepy)

3. When you do have more than one a whole new realm of partying life briefly opens up.

4. It's winter. You look like this at bed time because you want to be warm.

5. You now realise what your priorities are.

6. Your social circle has shrunk. You believe in quality not quantity.

7. You find exceptionally immature things funny because you have to keep your grown up shit together during the day.

8. You now use hot water bottles, blankets and numerous layers to stay warm...heating...you're paying for that!

9. You have a dedicated list of TV dramas that are set to record for the next few months.

10. And the days that they're on, you spend all day hoping to god work doesn't run late.

11. You can now defend yourself quickly and confidently.

12. At the end of every month you still feel slightly surprised that you earn money.

13. You also still open your pay packet and get pissed off that you work "SO HARD FOR SO LITTLE MONEY"

14. You do a food shop and buy real food. That you can actually cook. In real life.

15. As long as your Mum answers the phone before the smoke alarms start.

16. You find TV shows you watched as a teenager so annoying now. 

17. And you now shake your head every time you see Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears. "Umm HELLO do you not remember crossroads?!"

18. When you go into a shop your first comment is "Do they have to have the music SO loud?"

19. When you hear teenagers swear walking through town you tut purposely loudly because you think kids these days have no manners.

20. You begin to realise that your life is going pretty well and so what if you're getting older. You're obviously fabulous.


  1. Haha I love number 14, and I definitely do number 19 without thinking!


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