Why being a 90's kid was harder than childhood is now...

If you're a 90's kid you are pretty much guaranteed to hold some form of nostalgic feelings towards light up sketchers or The Spice Girls but there are some decisions that....man alive...consumed us. Things that kids think are important now,well you have no idea kids!

1. You want to hang out with your friends after school? You all slump off home and give each other a text 10 minutes before you want to meet up. Don't have battery on your phone? You Facebook, or tweet, or instagram, or whatsapp, or snap chat. Us? We had to strategically plan out our evenings so we knew EXACTLY where to me at EXACTLY what time.

2. Then if you were there first and nobody turned up for ten minutes, you would go home. Instead of someone ringing you to see where you were they would come and knock on your door. There goes the panic of your embarrassing parents answering the door before you do.

3. You say you want a dog, we got stressed trying to keep our tamagotchi alive. If you made it past 24 hours you were a pro!

4. Kids now want the most PS3 games. We had to be the champions of who had the newest beanie babies. £5 for a toy seemed pretty steep back then.

5. You think One Direction smoking weed is emotional...WE HAD TO DEAL WITH THE SPICE GIRL SPLIT!!

6. You never have to worry about being late, you can set your alarm on your phone, on your laptop and you can even buy an alarm clock that projects the time onto the freakin' wall. Us? We had to settle on choosing a clock that either had a deafening alarm tone or in my case a clock that played the tune of a song that will forever haunt you as the song that woke you up to go to school.

7. The worst thing..its not a song!! Its just a thousand random beeps that somehow sounded like 'You are my Sunshine'

8. On the topic of noises, we also never had to flick through ring tone after ringtone on our mobiles. We could text a code out of Mizz magazine and have a Justin Timberlake esque sounding tune blasting out when our Mum rang us.

9. We also didn't have to worry about talking to boys, because we had Dream Phone.

10. The biggest dilemma we faced in school wasn't what shoes we wore or i we had the coolest hair, it was making sure that we never EVER turned up at the beginning of term with the same pencil case as somebody else.

11. And it was even more dramatic when your friends started making friendship bracelets and left somebody out.

12. But World War Three didn't really kick off until you decided to pretend you were The Spice Girls in the playground and three of you wanted to be baby spice!

13. Sleeping at night would be terrifying incase your Furby decided to wake up at 2am

14. You didn't have LOADS of drinks to choose from at your Disco on a Friday night. Instead it was the decision of which colour Panda Pop to have or whether to go all out and have a Twist and Squeeze!

15. You're nights before hand were also spent stressing over getting the dance moves to 'Saturday Night' perfected because there was NO way you were going to be the one that messed it up.

16. Kids sneak into nightclubs nowadays, we were still kept in school at 9pm after discos until our Mum or Dad came in to get us.

17. McDonalds was a TREAT.

18. And in the run up to our partying it was an afternoon trip with Mum to Tammy girl to get our combat trousers and matching 'Skater Chick" top

19. Not forgetting the butter fly clips and hair twist!

20. And the next day on our Panda Pop come down, we would pop in a VHS and spent 20 minutes waiting for it to rewind before we finally chilled out.



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