"If girls dressed for guys we would just walk around naked"

So I think nowadays it is safe to say that a lot of girls are guilty of dressing for guys. I live in Cardiff and I can safely say that 80% of girls on a night out look like clones. The only thing that differs slightly is their height and the drinks they're holding in their hands....that and the guys that they have their 'enhanced' lips latched onto.

The curse of the body con is my major pet peeve in the Fashion world. Yes celebrities like VB and Cheryl Cole pull off the body con because they're dresses cost more than the average persons monthly wage. However when it is a £5 jersey dress wrapped around a drunk girl it isn't quite the same.

Now I know I am sat writing this with a pixie cut in a skirt that no guy would ever think is nice, but thats because I don't really care if guys like my clothes. Having been approached on a night out around Christmas and being asked

"Are you a lesbian?"
"No why?"
"Well you know...you've got short hair"
"Yeah and?"
"Im just saying...if you got your tits out you might stand more of a chance"

I had exactly the same discussion with my friends last night. Isn't it a waste of money to dress in something that you feel completely uncomfortable in just so a guy will wolf whistle at you in a club?

I want a guy who likes the same things I like and has similar taste to me. If he sees me in a night club with my boobs out then a week later sees me with my top button done up and my brogues on he's going to have a bit of a shock.

So here are some examples I have found of how some of the most stylish celebs dress for themselves and not for guys, just sayin'.

Now I know I'm obsessed with Alexa Chung but she is my favourite example of someone who loves clothes and literally wears whatever she wants! She also has the BEST taste in shoes and coats.

Clemence Posey, another prime example.

Ive always majorly girl crushed on Sienna Miller so this is just obvious.

All I'm saying is girls don't need to worry if they want to cut their hair short or dye their hair brown. Don't stress if you don't suit lipstick or you don't go out with your boobs and bum hanging out because at the end of the day you have to look back at pictures of yourself and its bad enough seeing a 90's haircut so imagine looking back and seeing yourself in a boob tube and mini skirt in 2015!