Suns out bums out?

So it's actually Summer now and I fell completely off the blogging radar with a new job and typical un-interesting dramas that occur in the life of a 24 year old (also I have started watching Game of Thrones which seems to be responsible for consuming a lot of my free fact I'm waiting for an episode to buffer as I type)

ANYWAY I'm back with a spring in my step as this time of year is by far my favourite. After nearly being born in Spain I have spent my life convincing myself that I was made to be in a warmer climate so when Cardiff temperatures reach above 10 degrees (which is rarely) I turn into some sort of wild flower that only comes t life in sunlight.

Unfortunately with the sun comes bums. And yes I'm talking literally. Living in England/Wales you are never really destined to have great summers and yes it is near impossible to KNOW WHAT TO WEAR in this weather. You stand in front of your wardrobe every morning questioning 

"Is it hot enough for bare legs?"
"How short is too short?"
"I'll look out of the window and if I see someone with bare legs I'll go for it"
"Wait that woman is wearing uggs and a scarf?!"

We all know the feeling. We have endless options for our summer outfits but something feels a bit wrong when your holiday clothes apply to your home wardrobe.

What I can safely say is that there is a check list of things to avoid;

1. Sun tops. Not Camis, sun tops. Nobody has worn a sun top since Hannah in SClub 7. Welcome the a cami.

2. Denim hotpants. Ass cheek crease is not attractive. 

3. Socks and sandals, it's not a cute trend no matter how you try to wear it.

4. White linen. No explanation needed.

5. Bum bags...just because it's hot doesn't mean you don't have hands and therefore need your money tied to your crotch.

There are however some must have items that will make it just that little bit easier to get dressed in the morning AND won't have you looking like you got lost somewhere between Marbella and Merthyr.

Dungarees - Once you get over the fear of looking like a 90's band member you'll realise that you can wear dungarees in so many ways its like having 10 outfits in 1.

A midi skirt - No bare leg panic (or you just have to shave your ankles 
if you're in a rush)

Stripes - Stripes are classic and easy to wear.

Converse - A pair of white converse will see you pull any outfit together.
 They're also handy to dress down an outfit you feel is a little too fancy.
The statement piece - That one dress, top, bag or pair of shoes that you LOVE 
every time you put it on. The one thing that makes you feel pretty darn good.

So there you go, 5 key items that don't involve bum creases or side boobs but still have you feeling fancy all summer!



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