10 things that happen during a heatwave.

So we get one hot week a year, this doesn't guarantee it's actually sunny but it does mean that we can at least bask in temperatures of 18 degrees. Even though we spend majority of our year waiting for these hot days, when they come round there are some standard things that every person will see. No matter where you live.

1.  Socks and Sandals. Men, women, children NO. There has never been and will never be a reason to wear this combination. 

2. EVERYONE will suddenly love ice-cream, because although it is sold 365 days a year, people seem to think they can only eat it in the sun.

3. People moan its too hot. We've waited for this for 11 months but people moan.

4. Then it briefly cools down and.....people moan.

5. THAT person that thinks the sun won't burn in England.

6. Womens hair. ITS THE HUMIDITY!!

7. The standard "It's Pimms O'clock" Facebook picture.

8. People become amazed that hot food isn't that appetising in hot weather.

9. People at work when you're off slowly give up caring.

10. And then by the end of our one week heatwave people realise they spent 3 days moaning about the heat, the 4th day moaning it was cloudy, the 5th day getting sunburnt and the 6th day constantly drunk (starting in the afternoon) and the 7th day stuck in the realisation that you may have just wasted the only nice weather you will see until 2016.

We may moan but being British means that heatwaves are like Aliens on earth and although we may not handle it too well....it's amusing none the less.



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