Believe it or not my outfit has nothing to do with you

With so many 'celebrities' acting as our style muses at the minute I think it's difficult for a girl to know how she should dress. But when you think about it more why are there actually any rules?

Don't get me wrong I understand that girls can be bitchy and can pick apart another girls outfit within 30 seconds of catching a glimpse. But when you think about it some of us (myself) have loved clothes since we were young enough to steal our mums heels and play dress up by making a dress out of our duvet covers and if you're like me your love for fashion hasn't faltered since.

I have spent 3 years studying Fashion and 9 years working various different retail jobs just as an excuse to be around clothes before I finally crack my dream job. 

The Fashion Industry is one of the hardest to crack. We all know it. 
It's long hours, hard work and we get told that we WILL NOT reach our dream job until we are well past 30.

We do however get told to embrace it. We get told to work hard and play hard. Network, talk to people, read and write blogs, wear what we love, help people wear what THEY love and most of all don't give a s**t about what other people say about our choices.

Now I am well aware that I have made some god awful, stomach churning fashion decisions in my life. I did go through my scene kid phase (all evidence is burnt) and I am 99% sure I still make some shocking choices now even though I'm nearly in my mid twenties.

But, you know what?

I just don't care.

I don't want people to like how I dress to the point that they want to copy me. Who wants hundreds of themselves running around? So if people feel the need to laugh or comment then simply refer to the about quote, and get your sassy ass on!
We don't work this hard to let people who don't care about Fashion to rain on our parade.

So here are some of my favourite words to live by AND looks that I love (that I'm sure a lot of others won't)

When I fell in love with The Whitepepper I also fell in love with Ellie Fox's hair.
"Why do you have short hair?"
Because I can.

On the topic of hair, I know this is a more popular trend but I am a huge fan of Bleach London rinses.
Why not make you're hair look like sweets....everyone loves sweets!

Pinafores. Guys may not find them attractive but they are SO cute.
And also Topshop says we can have them.

Uber girly outfits. We are girls. Why not?

In my recent job I have also had a lot of people feel the need to ask me what size I am. I didn't realise it was an ok question to ask a girl nowadays but I am a size 10 and I don't have a thigh gap. 

Just remember life is going to be pretty boring if you spent you're days worrying about what everybody else is going to say.



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