It's written on the pavements

I probably shouldn't say this as an avid Fashion lover but when it is the time of year that the world is taken over by Fashion week I get a little frustrated by how people in the industry are presented/present themselves. 

Fashion on all levels is one of the most vain industries to work in, but fashion week to me seems to highlight all of the negatives about our true love. 

Every year the same things happen;
- Someone high up will dramatically quit their job i.e. someone usually from net-a-porter or Vogue
- A petition to ban skinny models will start
- Kate Moss and Sienna Miller will start hanging out again
- A celebrity will mess up their collection and ruin themselves
- One weird and wonderful trend will arise.

Don't get me wrong I love Fashion Week, I love the new clothes, the new models launching into the limelight, the mistakes and the collection winners. But my favourite part of Fashion Week is the street style. 

Yes everyone has seen the annoying posts of "I dressed like an idiot to Fashion Week" point proven a lot of people taken pictures of people in weird outfits to post but I have seen some of the nicest outfits in the last few weeks, not on the runways but on the pavements (well via the internet but you know what I mean)

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