Oh my god, can you make me a dress?

So people are starting Uni in the next few weeks and there will be a whole new breed to Fashion students hitting the BA Hons world. 

Coming from  a Fashion PROMOTION graduates point of view I think it is necessary for someone who has walked in the carefully chosen footsteps of a Fashion student to prepare others (and those who will be talking to others about) wh
at it is actually like for us to study fashion.

Now I live with one of my best friends and she is a Fashion Design Graduate. She can whip up a dress or a skirt within a few hours whilst I sit there looking like she just found a unicorn at the end of a rainbow. I can't even manage to sew on a button...this leads me to my point.

As a 'Fashion' student we know, within our own little Fashion bubble what the different areas of Fashion mean. There are however, people who just DO NOT GET IT. These are the people that you are guaranteed to have these 5 annoying/ soul destroying comments off when studying Fashion that is NOT Design.

1. "So what you just like....make clothes?" (annoying for both Design and Promotion students, clothes do not just MAKE themselves and you don't 'just' make them)

2. " Oh so didn't you do very well in your A levels?"

3. "What they do a course where you can just shop?"

4. "What do you even do with a Fashion degree?"

5. " I like Topshop, does that mean I can do your degree?"

However believe me, if you have enough passion and love for the Industry that 90% of people studying Fashion do, there is nothing more frustrating than people belittling it to seem like nothing. 

I have friends who studied Fashion design and the way that they can see one photograph and get an eruption of ideas and skills to create entire collections of amazing clothes, as well as creating hand sketches, digital sketches, look books, catwalk shows, campaign shoots as well as figuring out their costing, overheads, retail pricing etc. So no they don't just 'make' dresses.

And from a Fashion Promotion point of view when people say "So what even IS that?" the easiest response...."Its everything else you see" The ad campaigns you see in magazines or the huge billboards that you walk past everyday. Shop windows and interiors, Visual displays, logos, branding,marketing, events, press, illustration, photography, styling, trend forecasting, buying, merchandising, blogging, writing, Social Media...anything else?!

Clothing brands are not successful because someone drew a pretty dress and had a friend that could thread a needle.

We are all a group of dedicated Fashion lovers. We are the people who notice a good ad campaign from a bad one, we are the ones who read Vogue because we find it interesting not because we want it tucked under our arms to look fancy. 

Yes we do drink skinny lattes but its not because we want to be cool its because we spent 3 years working our arses off in Uni and needed Caffeine everyday ALL day and now work in retail doing 8 hours shifts with people asking "So is this it? This is what you went to Uni for?"

But we are not stupid.
We did go to uni.
We are clever.

And now...it's September is OUR month.

Move over bitches, Wintour is coming.



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