I don't know about you...

But I'm definitely feeling 25! So once again my life has flipped full circle in a dramatic/ stressful month or so! 

After signing for a brand new flat I was told the completion date was going to be delayed for 3 weeks,  therefore leading me to sofa surfing for nearly a month. (Not the way to live the glamorous life I always hoped for) but I did get to play with two of my best friends for a month = a lot of wine and chocolate.

But now I'm in FINALLY and although without internet (hence the lack of blog posts) I am finally settled! My only issues at the moment are that I have one wardrobe and an extreme level of OCD taking over incase I break or ruin anything!

So after a few weeks of...in a blatant way...trying to hold my s**t together, I went from feeling all Ross Geller to...


I now have just come home from a long weekend in London celebrating my birthday...where I have turned a quarter of a century (Or 21 if anyone asks) but I got to spend the best three days with two of my lovely friends catching up with some of my pals that I haven't seen for ages! Being spoilt and laughing more than I have laughed for a very long time!!

So I think its safe to say, that although it has taken a while and a few meltdowns along the way....I'm feeling 25 and FABULOUS DARLING!!!



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