Hooray for a cliche

Happy 2016! Nothing screams New Year like a classic cliche....and thanks to Pinterest and my love for all things cute and cheesy, these New Year cliches are at the top of my list! So what does the New Year mean?

Well I mean right now I am watching Gossip Girl eating left over chocolate, wallowing in the fact that the most miserable month of the year is upon us.

BUT apart from that...A New Year means you can once again try to focus as hard as you can on doing things you didn't manage to do last year.

So now we are 3 days into the year...what are your plans?


Mine are the most realistic I think they have ever been, now I am over the idea that I will win the lottery and Ed Westwick will knock on my door and propose to me are becoming a little more unrealistic I have decided to focus on 5 MUST DO points for my year.

I kind of have a bad habit for letting anyone and everyone make me feel like crap with just a couple of words. So this year I am going to think about me. Be happy with what I have done and have and well....trust no bitch. 2016 has no room for negative or nasty people. 

I'm going to work hard. I have a job I like and a new internship that I am looking forward to starting. I am going to focus on working hard and being proud of the fact that I am working my way to my dream job bit by bit. I will again refer to number 1 in this scenario.

I am going to play hard. Work hard play hard. No explanation needed.

I am going to fall in love...if not with my dream man then with a new handbag or shoes. But love is a must.

“Hand me my purse, will you, darling? A girl can’t read that sort of thing… with… without her lipstick.”

Finally I am going to be happy in my own little home and wait to see what this year has under its hat!




  1. Ed Westwick isn't going to knock on your door because he's going to knock on mine!
    Ha!! Yay to being happy in your own home, I will be doing that too :)


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