10 signs that you are turning into Patsy Stone

1. You've stopped sugar coating how you talk to people you don't really like. 

2. You find it harder to lose weight so you've started taking drastic measures.

3. It only takes you one drink to feel fabulous.

4. And 4 drinks to make you too far gone to return.

5. You love your friends but sometimes you're too hungover to offer the best advice...

6. If someone gets something new and fancy BEFORE you, you throw a major bitch fit.

7. Your tolerance for other people is starting to dwindle at a rapid pace.

8. When you go to work and someone asks for help more than once you get a little offended...

9. Your resting bitch face causes people to avoid making eye contact with you.

10. And now...you spend an entire week preparing yourself for one night out because you KNOW you cant bounce back from the hangovers like you use to.



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